Created in Spring 2016 for Lyft Austin and Lyft DFW to increase local brand awareness. Though Lyft was the originator of the ride sharing movement, it has been completely overshadowed by UBER. This campaign was designed to show that Lyft goes beyond the average taxi alternative.  

This was a solo project where I served as the Art Director, Designer, Copywriter, and Account Manager.  


Lyft Commercial Story Board
A girl has the worst day of her life, until she orders a Lyft. 

Lyft Characters
I designed a series of cards to brighten people's days even after their Lyft ride. 

Lyft Lollipops
After eating, a promo code is revealed on the sticks for users to receive discounts. 

Lyft Scavenger Hunt
Guerrilla postings of pink mustaches are used in major cities as a scavenger hunt. People that find a mustache & share it using our hashtag receive 25% off their next ride. Those who find all 3 guerrilla mustaches receive a free ride. 

Lyft Snapchat Filter
Prospective customers are given the opportunity to receive ride discounts through the use of the Snapchat Filter. Everyone who sends in a snap showing how they "Lyfted" someone's day will receive 50% off of their next Lyft ride.