Woodchuck Hard Cider

Though Woodchuck was the original American hard cider, it has been overshadowed by other brands like Angry Orchard. Woodchuck Hard Cider currently uses two different logos interchangeably, in addition to having four completely different bottle designs. The goal was to reintroduce the brand with a cohesive look and message, a taste infused with knowledge. 
AD/Designer: Laura Lee Jaeckle  |  CW: Luke Morgan


The logo is comprised of two custom fonts along with a hand carved woodchuck, which I designed for this project.
When chilled, the bottle displays the flavor of the cider. Once the cider has been drunk and the bottle returns to room temperature, a proverb is revealed in its place. 

Core Flavors

Seasonal Flavors

Book of Woodchuck
Unique coasters were designed to promote Woodchuck Hard-Cider, comprised of "woodchuck proverbs